Bulletin No:          252                                         Volume:  19                       Friday 8 November 2013



Members are advised that the event and message from the MFB Charity Running Club below is fully supported by the Union and members are encouraged to show your support for this important cause:

Greetings fellow Fire Fighter’s

                                                         If your life has ever been touched by cancer in some way, I urge you to read this as we need your support.

For the past 13 years, the MFB Charity Running Club has participated in an event called “The Whitehorse Relay for Life”, a 24 hour event held at the Bill Sewart Athletics Track In Burwood and co-ordinated by the Cancer Council of Victoria. This event raises important funds for cancer research and we have been proud to be participants of it over the years.

In times past, the club has made its own physical challenge out of the event in attempting to run the most laps in 24 hours and in more recent years raced against the C.F.A, A.V and Vic Pol for a trophy; however this year we have changed our focus.

  More in the spirit of the event, we are maintaining our presence at the track, keeping someone walking or running for the duration, but our focus will be on remembrance.  There are not many people today who have not been touched by this disease in some way, either having lost a colleague, friend or family member, or may be a survivor themselves or been a carer for a sufferer. Whatever your situation, if you have the time, I would be thrilled to see you attend the track, walk a lap or two and share a story about why you are there, join us for drink and the B.B.Q will be on.

   This year we will have a special memorial for colleagues that have passed on, whether while in service or retired. As we know, our union is fighting for presumptive legislation for certain cancers for Fire Fighter’s, so to remember those people we have had their names printed on our Union Flag which will be carried around the track as a tribute to them. They were proud Union Members as we are proud of their efforts which should never be forgotten.  The names on the flag are of your friends and in some cases, your family, so please take the time to attend and view the flag.

  Part of the event is a candle light ceremony at 20:00 hours, with guest speakers and where names and messages of remembrance and hope are written on paper bags with a candle inside and placed around the track to light the way throughout the night. This is a particularly emotional part of the event for some and worth attending if you are able to.

  The event is as mentioned, is at the Bill Sewart Athletic Track in Burwood (melway reference 62 C8) and is held from 12:00 hours on the 16th of November to 12:00 hours on the 17th of November. I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you there. Please see the attachment for the remembrance flag and don’t hesitate to call me if you have any queries.


Phil Cuthbert

M.F.B Charity Running Club

No. 10 Station

“A” Platoon


Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary