Bulletin No:         162                                     Volume:  20                        Thursday 17 July 2014




Yesterday Assistant Chief Fire Officer Ken Brown was in the witness box all day to protect and preserve the MFB UFU Operational Staff Agreement 2010 and the MFB UFU ACFO Agreement 2010.

His vast knowledge and understanding of the management of the MFB operations and his unfaltering commitment to firefighter safety shone through regardless of the question or attempt by MFB Counsel to discredit him personally or undermine the very basis for the current staffing structure necessary for the protection of the community.

Like UFU witness Assistant Chief Fire Officer Mick Walker the day before, Ken Brown was able to provide significant detailed information on the current station, staffing and appliance structure that underpin the response times and the fundamentals of safe and effective fire fighting operations as well as many other issues.  Their breadth of knowledge was in stark contrast to the supposed hierarchy of the MFB that had previously given evidence in support of the MFB’s applications to wipe out the agreements.

One Station Officer there to witness this remarkable day in the Fair Work Commission emailed the UFU Branch Committee of Management with the following tribute to ACFO Ken Brown:

“Gidday everyone, I’m sitting next door to the Fair Work Commission having a coffee and reflecting. I wanted to share a few of my thoughts, if that’s ok.

 I am extremely grateful & proud to have sat in a room today and be witness to somebody that displayed not only courage but true leadership. This ACFO/BCOM member cared about the welfare of everyone else he represents or those that ask him for help, then himself.

His professionalism was unquestionable.

There was not a question that couldn’t be answered with facts from experiences or his wealth of knowledge from the role(s) he has performed.

He not only leads by example but this incredible fighter will stand beside you in the heat of the battle, never in doubt.

He was grilled like no other but fought the Beast with his passion & the truth.

His firefighters came first, followed close-by by the community he protects.

An inspiration to ALL.

Browny, a whole day in the chair – on behalf of all that were there – and many that shared similar offers of thanks for doing what you incredibly did for us ALL we say

Thank you                Thank you                Thank you

Too those that are still to come, the flag has proudly been flown & will continue to fly with your thankful assistance and that of the fantastic team that is there to support each and every one.

Thank you all.

Strength in Unity

On behalf of the UFU Branch Committee of Management we acknowledge everyone who came forward to provide evidence and witness statements to oppose the MFB’s attempt to wipe out the firefighters’ employment agreements. We greatly appreciate your commitment and dedication to defend the current agreements and the vital employment protections.  

We thank everyone who has been to Fair Work to hear the evidence first hand and strongly encourage all to make every effort to attend during the 20-day hearing to support your 74 UFU witnesses.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary