Bulletin No:          008                                     Volume:  20                        Friday 17 January 2014

To All UFU Members 


Please see below correspondence sent from UFU Secretary Peter Marshall today to MFB Acting Chief Officer Peter Rau.  It was also copied to the Fair Work Commission as Commissioner Wilson heard the matter on Wednesday when the current interim arrangement was reached:

Dear Mr Rau

The UFU has been briefed today on the current dire fire crisis across the state and concerns of significant loss of life and property.  

The MFB has 9 new operational appliances which are not yet ready for permanent commissioning.  This matter was subject to discussions between the parties in the Fair Work Commission which resulted in an interim arrangement.

Subsequent to the above the MFB convened a V & E subcommittee.  We are not sure whether this was in response to the UFU request dated 15 January 2014.

Irrespective, at the V & E committee on the 16th January 2014, in accordance with consultative processes of the MFB UFU Operational Staff Agreement 2010 (“Agreement”), discussions were held regarding a series of outstanding matters and defects relating to the nine above mentioned appliances.

Remedies were discussed however the timeframe for completion was not determined but it was clear that immediate rectification was not possible.

We have received a recent update on your behalf by DCO Youssef regarding the deterioration of the current fire situation.

Given the current fire situation we propose that you give consideration that these nine appliances be used operationally should it be necessary for the current crisis as outlined today.

Obviously our proposal is on the proviso that the appliances are deployed in accordance with the safety precautions included in the arrangement reached this week in the Fair Work Commission, and this is not a proposal in relation to permanent deployment or allocation of these nine appliances.

We will review the situation in the coming days and request a specific review of the necessity of the use of these appliances between the parties on Thursday 23 January 2014.

We note there is no agreement between the parties in accordance with clause 88 of the Agreement of which we will continue discussions in the consultative processes.

This proposal is offered in good faith, without prejudice and put on the basis that it is not precedent setting and the UFU reserves all rights.

We are copying this letter to Commissioner Wilson so that he is aware given the resolution reached in the Fair Work Commission this week.

Yours sincerely

Peter Marshall


Cc Commissioner Wilson

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary