MFB and CFA enterprise bargaining and fire service update

As members would be aware, there has been a lot of speculation in relation to fire service restructuring and other significant matters that could potentially impact on our membership as a whole and indeed the community that we serve.

The union has also against the above background been mainly concentrating on enterprise bargaining outcomes and has not made any public comment nor has it been in discussions with fire services about the above speculation.

Additionally, we have neither been approached by the MFB or the CFA as we understand that the speculation is just that, speculation.

Having said that the UFU has been extremely busy in securing current and future conditions of employment of which we will be holding a special general meeting to inform members of the current status of the unions progress.

We remind our members that on behalf of branch committee of management we appreciate the solidarity and commitment of our membership against the background of one of the most vicious attacks perpetrated against the union in Victoria’s history.

Underpinning these attacks the union will be providing membership with detailed information on what we now know to be a well-orchestrated union busting campaign.

Interestingly, the law firm that was engaged is well known for union busting activities of which one of their campaigns was run against our global partners and brothers and sisters in North America.

In closing, there have been significant achievements by our membership during this period of disputation and unwarranted attack on both conditions of employment and professional reputation, the union will be embarking upon a process to bring about those accountable for that campaign.

There will be a delegates teleconference in the near future to give more detail to the above.  


Strength in Unity

Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary