Bulletin No: 115                                                Volume:  22                                 Wednesday 22 June 2016




 The UFU can take great pride in the professional manner in which our members have conducted themselves in the relentless attacks and continued lies and misinformation.

Members can be assured that the events of recent weeks have paved the way for the proposed CFA EBA to be signed off and certified in accordance with the Fair Work Commission Final Recommendation.

These have been extraordinary times with the Andrews Government accepting the resignation of Jane Garrett as Minister, sacking of the CFA Board and accepting the resignation of the CEO Lucinda Nolan.

The Andrews Government is committed to ensuring the Fair Work Commission Final Recommendation is implemented.

Today the VFBV were back in the Supreme Court to further delay that implementation.

But that is all it is  – a delay.

The newly appointed CFA Board Chair Greg Smith today released the following statement:

“Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) has agreed to a CFA proposal to continue consultation about the proposed Agreement.

This consultation will continue over coming weeks ahead of the proposed Agreement being able to be put to a vote no earlier than 20 July.

The CFA fully respects and values its volunteers and career firefighters and will engage with them in the lead up to the vote.”

The CFA has agreed to consult with the VFBV but that consultation has no effect on the status of the Fair Work Commission recommended proposed agreement.

The process for the CFA and VFBV process is as follows:

  • The CFA and VFBV will continue to consult until the 20 July 2016.
  • The CFA gives the VFBV the proposed agreement before close of business on Friday.
  • The CFA will not put the agreement out to vote before the 20 July 2016.
  • If the CFA put the agreement out to vote after the 20 July 2016 they agree to give the VFBV three days notice of doing so.

In the interim there is the Federal Election.

The Liberals are intent on making the UFU CFA and MFB agreements a political issue.  They have set about to grab the personal details of the volunteers and public by distributing petitions and seeking support in their anti-career firefighter campaign in conjunction with their scaremongering.

The unsuspecting public are now being targeted by the Liberals for financial support supposedly to protect the CFA.

The Liberals are blatantly using the VFBV and some volunteer brigades to drum up financial support.

More information about the implications of the Federal Election on the UFU and workers will follow.



Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary