Bulletin No:         085                                Volume:  22                              Wednesday 6 April 2016





As members are aware the UFU has been bargaining with the MFB since late last year for a new Enterprise Agreement for Corporate and Technical Staff.

For those who remember, your last campaign was a protracted battle lasting over two years with intense industrial action necessary to win battles over key issues such as job security and the 9 day fortnight.

Unfortunately, as most of you are acutely aware, MFB ELT have used technical legal arguments to renege on these commitments and avoid their obligations which you fought so hard to achieve.

True to form, MFB ELT have continued their delaying tactics and continue to fight against key claims in this round of bargaining such as fixing the 9 day fortnight provision to make good on their commitment in the last EBA.

Due to MFB intransigence on this issue and the ongoing delay in negotiations the UFU has today notified further protected industrial action to apply across all MFB as follows (please note the numbers preceding the actions are reference to the FWC order in this matter).

The below action will commence at 7am on Thursday 14 March 2016 and continue indefinitely:

1. Bans on the processing of mail.

    please note this ban is only notified in relation to employees working at Eastern Hill

3. Bans on preparing or providing reports, documentation or information to government.

4. Bans on the collection and collation of statistical data.

5. Bans on attendance at meetings where members of the MFB executive leadership team are in         attendance.

8. Bans on cooperating with contractors and consultants other than during enterprise agreement negotiation meetings where contractors or consultants are present.

9. Bans on cooperating or recognising any restructure within the MFB unless that restructure has been agreed to by the UFU.

11. Ban on maintaining or updating the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board intranet.

12. Computer work being conducted with the “caps lock” function engaged.

13. Bans on working from a workplace which is not the employees current predominantly workplace at the time of this ballot including attendance at meetings and community events.

14. Screening calls with voicemail.

15. A ban on the booking of airfares

16. Bans on using Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board Corporate Credit Cards.

17. Bans on the redirection of internal and external mail.

19. Bans on participating with or providing information to internal and external auditors.

20. Ban on paying vendors that will not affect or impact on the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board’s core activity.

21. Bans on processing reimbursements for managers, executive directors, the Chief Executive Officer and Board members.

22. Bans on providing information relating to vendor related internal enquiries made by management and staff.

23. Bans on driving, refuelling or washing of executive vehicles and pool vehicles.

26. Bans on the replacement of fuel cards for managers, executive directors the EO and board members.

27. Entering only ‘AZ’ tax code when processing all purchase orders, outline agreements and ‘FI invoices (FI invoices are invoices with purchase orders).

29. Ban on processing vendor payments except as a complete group at the end of each month.

30. Ban on not process vendor payments where the total number exceeds the MFB threshold amount (or any other threshold amount implemented in response to the ban).

32. Ban on processing/settling ‘A’ type vendors

35. Ban on accepting any incomplete fire protection reports.

36. Stoppages to normal duties to attach, incorporate and /or distribute union and industrial campaign related material to correspondence (inclusive of electronic correspondence), MFB material and MFB displays.

ban on the training of temporary contractor personnel.

38. Ban on the training or advising other personnel as to how to undertake work which is subject to protected industrial action that is being taken by MFB employees covered by or eligible to be covered by the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board Corporate and Technical Employees Agreement 2013.

39. Stoppages to normal duties to remotely placing union and industrial campaign material on MFB employees electronic devices (including but not limited to phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers).

50. Ban on returning vehicle number plates to VicRoads

52. Ban on ordering vehicle parts for workshops.

53. Ban on decommissioning MFB vehicles and any work related decommissioning or disposing of such vehicles.

56. Ban on cleaning or washing vehicles or arranging for the cleaning or washing of vehicles.

Members are reminding that industrial action is lawful and you are protected in taking such actions as listed above.

Under no circumstances should any member implement or continue the industrial action if it would threaten to endanger the life, personal safety or health, to the welfare of any part of the population and if in doubt they must terminate that action.

Should members have any queries in relation to the industrial action please contact either UFU industrial Officer’s Rini Krouskos on 0400 441 1616 or Stuart Miller on 0499 049196.  

Further to the above, the UFU will be holding a mass membership meeting for all MFB Corp and Tech Members. Attendance at this meeting is vital for members to be full appraised as to the current status of bargaining and to discuss the notified industrial action which will commence the following day.

Meeting details are as follows:

Wednesday 13 April 2016          Midday                Burnley Lecture Theatre

It is extremely unfortunate the once again MFB ELT is disrespecting its Corporate and Technical Staff and continues to renege on commitments and delay negotiations. We know however that once again the membership will campaign for fair terms and conditions of employment and hold ELT to account.

In line with these themes, the UFU is calling on members to writer in to the UFU with suggestions for a new campaign slogan for this EBA. For those who recall, you last slogan was Commitment + Dedication + Broken MFB promises – Can you come up with something better this time?

Please send all suggestion via email to the UFU office on ufuvic@ufuvic.asn.au

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary