Bulletin No:          000                    Volume:  22                Friday 22 January 2016




ESTA Members Update

It has brought the attention of the UFU that ESTA is undertaking investigations around alleged inappropriate use of the Wi-Fi at work.

It is great concern to the Union that ESTA management has conducted meetings with staff that breach the inherent rights of employees.

As with any allegation or investigation members need to be aware of their rights, they are:

  • Staff should be notified that an allegation exists and provided with specifics of the allegation;
  • Management should ensure that staff are made aware of their right to seek and receive advice in relation to the allegations;
  • Employees should be given time to seek advice and to seek the assistance of a support person (of their choice) to attend a further meeting on the matter;
  • Staff should not be invited to discuss the matter without being offered the opportunity to take the steps above.

A recent example of ESTA breaching their own Managing Misconduct guidelines occurred recently. In this instance, a staff member was asked to attend meeting with allegations leveled at them without prior notice, not provided with specifics of allegation until they were in the meeting and invited to admit wrongdoing. The outcome for that staff member concerned was to receive a warning. This is completely inappropriate and a denial of procedurally fairness to that staff member, akin to a kangaroo court.

The Union has raised concerns with management, whilst they concede aspects of our view they are unwilling to admit wrong. This means the Union and its members must remain vigilant to this potential to ensure members are afforded their right to a procedurally fair process. Members should not attend any meeting with management without the opportunity to bring a support person.

If other staff members have been subjected to this unfair process, a grievance needs to be lodged immediately.

If members have any queries please contact Stuart Miller at the UFU office on 9419 8811  


Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary