Bulletin No:          033                                     Volume:  20                        Monday 17 February 2014




Members are advised that the ballot for protected industrial action has been approved with 98% of those that voted approving the action.

As previously advised, despite an agreement being reached in principle, until further notice current industrial action continues

This is usual practice to protect members’ interests pending an agreement being finalised.

Members will remember that the MFB and Government reneged on an agreement reached with corporate staff following corporate staff acting in good faith at that time and lifting their industrial action.

The following is the list of new protected industrial action approved as a result of the ballot which may be taken upon three working days notice by the UFU to the employer:

  • Ban on using the ESTA email system, excluding the sending and receiving of union material.

  • Employees will set up an automated out of office reply function on their ESTA email which will state the following “This email has not been read and will not be responded to because I am taking protected industrial action in support of a fair enterprise agreement for ESTA operational employees. We answer the Victorian community’s calls for help every day, it’s time someone listens to us and ESTA treat their employees with the respect we deserve and agree to fair terms and conditions of employment- to support our campaign please visit www.firecrisis.com.au – Strength in Unity”.

  • Employees to conclude radio transmissions as appliances return to stations with union messages including but not limited to phrases such as “strength in unity” or with short updates regarding industrial matters.

  • Ban on using and/or updating the workforce management system.

  • On receipt of an “under control” and/or “stop” word back fire radio dispatchers will re-enter all event types as type 624 in the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.

  • Employees will display campaign, industrial and/or union material on ESTA work premises and property including on ESTA workstations.

  • Employees will use the Country Fire Authority non-emergency circuit of the emergency alerting pager system to send campaign and/or industrial messages.

  • Fire operators operating a Country Fire Authority channel will not operate more than one channel simultaneously unless those channels are patched. Operators directed to operate more than one channel simultaneously will patch those channels.

  • Ban on undertaking reception duties.

  • Ban on including the reason for a false alarm in the word back or situation report.

  • Ban on answering phone calls diverted from reception.

  • Ban on opening and closing front and rear gates.

  • Ban on the use of Excel.

The UFU will keep members informed of any developments with the in-principle agreement and any further industrial action.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary