Bulletin No:          068                      Volume:  22                                        Friday 11 March 2016


As members would be aware the UFU has strongly opposed any changes or reductions to the standards of the recruiting selection process in the MFB.

Despite this opposition the MFB were proceeding on the basis of a changed system.

The Union made application to the federal court for an injunction to stop the MFB implementing the new system.

The union did not make an application to the court to stop the testing that is to occur on the weekend, however the union did make strong representation to the court through its legal council that there should be no decision made in applying a new system as to whether a potential candidate was successful or not.

After hearing submissions from the parties the court indicated that they were inclined to issue an injunction against the MFB for taking any steps past the initial sitting of the test until the matter was resolved.

The court gave the MFB the alternative that they give an undertaking to that effect while consultation occurs with the Union.

The result of the hearing is that the MFB gave such undertaking, that they would not take any further steps in relation to the new system that they are proposing.

The UFU gave an undertaking that they will meet with the MFB in accordance with the consultations provision of the agreement.

The court issued an order in relation to the above and as such also required a report back to the Federal Court next Friday.

It is telling that the MFB are still maintaining the position that they do not have to consult with the Union as they believe the enterprise agreement does not apply to the situation.

Had the MFB followed the correct process to begin with rather than the attempted implementation by stealth than this dispute may have been avoided.

The key issue to be discussed next week is the issue of the reduction of the written test threshold including mechanical reasoning, which is being decreased from a pass mark of 50 to 45.

Should members have any questions in relation to this matter please contact Peter Marshall on 0419127004 .

Strength in Unity


Authorised by David Hamilton, Branch President