Bulletin No:         159                                    Volume:  21                        Friday 14 August 2015



Yesterday the Fair Work Commission issued the Protected Action Ballot order giving members the opportunity to vote to take protected industrial action.

Below is a list of bans to be voted on.

We remind you that only members can vote and only members can participate in the protected industrial action once it is has been balloted and notified.

From here we encourage all members to do the following to ensure you receive a ballot and your vote counts:

  1. Please contact both ESTA and the UFU by Tuesday next week to ensure we  have your correct address – if we do not have your corect adddress you may not recevie a ballot.
  2. The AEC will post a ballot to your postal address in the coming weeks.
  3. Follow the instructions on the ballot paper and ensure you return your vote correctly.

The UFU strongly encourages all members to vote yes to the protected action ballot in order to progress your campaign for fair terms and conditions of employment.

In order to take protected industrial action the UFU requires that 50% of members who receive a ballot return it and that of those who return a ballot 50% +1 vote yes so it is vital that all members vote!

Members are reminded that members meetings commence tomorrow at Tally Ho with further meetings across all sites as per the below details:

THO –   17 August 1700-2000

 WTC – 18 and 20 August 1700-2000

 BAL – 24 and 27 August 1700-2000

At these meetings the Unions will provide a full update on the current status of barganing and be available to answer any questions regarding the protected industrial action.


  1. Use of a generic log on for CAD & Telephony Systems – if generic log on not available, staff to make use of alternative log on (not their own).
  2. Ban on wearing Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority uniform at work.
  3. Ban on staff sending or responding to all ESTA internal Email.
  4. Ban on processing all Non-Emergency Patient Transport requests unless lodged via telephone.
  5. Ban on notifying Metropolitan Fire Brigade Commanders, County Fire Authority Rostered Duty Officers and Fire Services Communications Controllers of all incidences unless response related.
  6. Stoppages to normal duties – other than activities related to emergency response – to wear or display union campaign material and union campaign clothing at work including materials and clothing displaying union slogans and insignia for an unlimited duration.
  7. A ban on complying with the direction to remove union campaign materials and union campaign campaign clothing at work including materials and clothing displaying union slogans and insignia for an unlimited duration.
  8. Ban on compliance to Control Room Protocol reagrding taking photographs on the control room floor – provided that there is no image included of active CAD screens, Event or LEAP data.
  9. Ban on compliance to ESTA’s Social Media Policy to the extent that it prevents members from publishing information on social media relating to enterprise barganing issues & conditions of employment for ESTA operational staff.
  10.  Ban on complying with policies & procedures regarding communication with the media, to the extent that it prevents the employee from participating in an unlimited number of briefings and interviews over an unlimited duration to the media, politicians and the public reagrding enterprise bargaining issues & conditions of employment for ESTA operational staff.
  11. Ban on complying with direction to only refer ambulance estimated time of arrival calls to the Ambulance Victoria Duty Manager from the 2nd call onwards.
  12. Ban on creating a record of any employees participation in protected industrial action.
  13. Refusing to accurately report or record false alarm codes triggered at protected premises.
  14. Ban on participation in any training other than Call Taker and Dispatch courses.
  15. Refusal by trainers to provide Call Taker or Dispatch training unless there is a ration of 1 trainer to a maximum of 3 participants.
  16. Ban on conducting or participating in any process relating to employee misconduct & disciplinary matters.
  17. Ban on staff conducting & recording Audits.
  18. Refusal to comply with a direction to sign off audits.
  19. Ban on replying to observation reports.
  20. Ban on logging out of telephony systems when leaving your terminal. Not Ready function will be utilised.
  21. Employees will stop work for periods of up to 15 minutes.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary