Bulletin No:          070                                     Volume:  20                        Thursday 27 March 2014




Members are informed that the UFU has reviewed the MFB ‘update’ regarding carbon monoxide at the Hazelwood incident and the AMCOSH document which was leaked to the UFU.

The MFB’s response is deeply concerning as it seeks to justify circumstances that are simply factually incorrect.

Irrespective of what the MFB now state, it is a known fact that the UFU requested from the MFB, CFA and the Fire Service Commissioner all documentation relating to the testing at Morwell/Hazelwood.

Despite the UFU’s request the AMCOSH documentation which highlighted serious deficiencies with the approach to the safety of firefighters at the above facility was not provided at any time to either the UFU or your health and safety representatives (HSR’s).

Now the MFB are attempting to justify their approach and validate their response in the face of the startling observations made by their own consultants report which was hidden from employees and the UFU.

This is an unsustainable position by the MFB and flies in the face of legislative responsibilities where this information should have been made known to employees as well as provided to HSR’s, Safety Officers, and the UFU.

The UFU will now be compiling witness statements from members (of which we already have a number compiled) which directly brings into question the reliability and truthfulness of the MFB’s latest update.

The witness statements from firefighters directly contradict in detail the MFB’s assertions contained within their latest update.

The UFU is pleased that these matters will be tested in a judicial process whereas those who have made such assertions will have to repeat such under sworn oath and cross examination. Hence we advise those who have made contradictory statements to revisit your notes as, be under no illusion, you will be cross examined on these points.

In the interim we commend the firefighters who have come forward with the evidence and who have had the intestinal fortitude to provide the facts. We acknowledge your commitment to your fellow employees safety in the workplace and urge others to also contact Martin Davis at the UFU office on 9419 8811, who will organise for a draft affidavit to be drawn up on your behalf.

Also in accordance with the advice of the HSR in Eastern District that following the latest revelations employees submit MFB Safe exposure reports, the UFU endorses that position and suggest that other HSR’s implement the same process.

If you have any queries please contact the UFU office on 9419 8811.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary