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Bulletin No:          194                            Volume:  21                   Monday 19 October 2015



As many members are now aware, following two full days of negotiations at FWC on Thursday and Friday, the Unions have now reached in principle agreement with ESTA for a new Operational Employees Agreement.

This round of negotiations has been hard fought by the members with meetings continuing for almost 12 months and members once again taking industrial action.

Throughtout these negotiations members fought off significat claims from ESTA to reduce your conditions of employment including:

  • the introduction of flexible rosters
  • dimunition of the 38 hour week conditions
  • combining fire and SES
  • removal of ESTA’s RTO status
  • overtime only payable to part time employees once they work more than 38 hours per week

Your solidarity has achieved the following benefits for you and your co-workers’ conditions of employment:

  • Wage Increases over three years payable from 31 October 2015
  • Trainees and Levels 1-3 9%
  • Level 4 9.75%
  • Team Leaders 11%
  • $1000 one off payment (pro rata)
  • Creation of two new positions, Assistant Team Leader and Workplace Trainers to commence 1 March 2017
  • Increasing compassionate leave from three to four shifts
  • WTC Parking payment (conditional to MOU)
  • Ability to take WIL at either single time or at half pay for double time
  • Improved Long Service Leave provisions
  • Improved Consultation and Dispute Resolution clauses
  • Improved renegotiation clause

New Clauses:

  • Leave Donation
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Inductions
  • Skills Mainteance for multi-skillers
  • Amenities
  • Conversion of mentoring hours
  • Cashing out of annual leave
  • Daylight savings clause
  • Peer support

The Agreement will commence once the certification process is complete and will expire on 30 November 2018.

The draft Enterprise Agreement must now proceed through the certification process which will include a ballot of employees on the Agreement. Members will be updated further regarding the ballot.

Members are advised that the Unions have withdrawn notification of all protected industrial action other than:

  • 2. Ban on wearing Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority uniform at work.

  • 6. Stoppages to normal duties – other than activities related to emergency response – to wear or displace union campaign materials and union campaign clothing at work including materials and clothing displaying union slogans and insignia for an unlimited duration.

  • 7. A ban on complying with the direction to remove union campaign materials and union campaign clothing at work including materials and clothing displaying union slogans and insignia for an unlimited duration.

These bans will continue until further notice to members.

Members are also reminded that the Unions are holding members meetings across all three sites over the next week as follows:

Monday 19 October 5pm-8pm – BALLARAT

Tuesday 20 October 5pm-8pm – TALLY HO

Wednesday 21 October 5pm-8pm – WTC

Thursday 22 October 5pm-8pm – BALLARAT

Sunday 25 October 5pm-8pm – TALLY HO

Tuesday 27 October 5pm-8pm – WTC

It is vital that all members attend one of these scheduled meetings in order to get a full understanding of the outcome of negotiations and the Enteprise Agreement which you will all soon vote on.

We once again congratulate all members on their solidarity and committement and we look forward to seeing you at the meetings. We particularly thank the delegates of all three Unions for their ongoing support, commitment and hard work through the entirety of negotiations.

In Solidarity,

Sue Riley                        Rini Krouskos                Amanda Kaczmarek        

Industrial Officer                Inudstrial Officer                Industrial Officer                        

0439 762 455                0400 441 616                0401 191 609

sriley@cwu.asn.au                io3@ufuvic.asn.au                Amanda.Kaczmarek@unitedvoice.org.au        

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary