Bulletin No:          102                                    Volume:  20                        Monday 12 May 2014




Today it has been revealed that while firefighters have to work excessive hours and CFA stations have had to close due to lack of career firefighters, CFA management have been wining and dining on CFA credit cards.

See the Herald Sun editorial  http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/troubles-on-fire-front/story-fni0ffsx-1226913571216

The Herald Sun today lead with the CFA Management credit card splurge that was revealed as a result of a Freedom of Information request by Labor MP Jane Garrett.  The information was not easily accessed as Labor had to fight for the release involving VCAT and the FOI commissioner.

The Herald Sun reported that Senior CFA managers spent $230,000 on corporate credit cards during a taxpayer-funded spending spree at racecourses, top restaurants and plush hotels over a 26 month period.

The above revelation is against the backdrop where the CFA has had to close career stations or have firefighters working excessive hours to keep them open due to insufficient professional firefighters being employed.

The UFU has released CFA statistics that show 20 CFA fire stations have been closed already this year and the resulting slow response times in areas where protection is left to volunteers.  

This is not a criticism of volunteers but is a reality when relying on those that have other jobs and responsibilities, and in many cases away from the immediate geographical area of the local fire station.

What we are seeing is the result of the Napthine Government and CFA failing to deliver on fire stations and firefighters as determined by the Board of Reference, reinforced by the Royal Commission into the Victorian Fires and that were agreed with targeted funding in 2010.

A statistical snapshot shows that volunteers were requested to respond to 362 calls during CFA station closures this year, with 242 left unanswered.  And of 120 attended, only 29 met the standard response time.

Firefighters are encouraged to have their views heard.

Below is a list of contact numbers for talk back stations.

3AW        Talkback         9690 0693     Outside Melbourne 13 13 32

ABC 774 Melbourne        Talkback        1300 222 774        SMS        0437 774 774

ABC Ballarat        Talkback        1300 303 468        SMS        0467 842 722

ABC Central Victoria        Talkback        1300 813 911        SMS        0467 842 722

ABC Gippsland        Talkback        1300 295 222        SMS        0467 842 722

ABC Goulburn Murray        Talkback        1300 147 222        SMS        0467 842 722

ABC Mildura-Swan Hill        Talkback        1300 043 222        SMS        0467 842 722

ABC Shepparton        Talkback        1300 977 222        SMS        0467 842 722

ABC South West Victoria Talkback        1300 001 602        SMS        0467 842 722

ABC Western Victoria        Talkback        1300 594 222        SMS        0467 842 722

If you have any questions please call Peter Marshall on 0419 127 004.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary