Bulletin No:  136                   Volume:  22                                        Thursday 28 July 2016


For the past 7 weeks the ETU and AMWU have been picketing the CUB Brewery in Abbotsford over the sacking of 55 workers.

On the 10th of June 55 Carlton United Brewery maintenance workers were directed by CUB to attend a meeting. These workers had collectively over 900 years of service. With no prior notice at that meeting they were told that their employment was terminated.

These 55 workers were then invited to reapply for their jobs through a company called “Catalyst Recruitment”. This invitation to reapply for a job:

  • came with no guarantees;
  • would be on individual contracts;
  • would be covered by a barely compliant non-union EBA;
  • would result in a massive loss of terms and conditions of employment including an approximate 65% reduction in monetary entitlements.

In anticipation of the industrial dispute that such actions would result in, CUB had already pre-organised the engagement of a company called “5 Star Electrical Services” to provide replacement workers, at rates that severely undercut the sacked workers. CUB has sought to rid itself of committed union workers with hard fought terms and conditions of employment and have replaced them with non-union labour.

These 55 workers, with others in support have been picketing the CUB. Having their livelihoods ripped away overnight these 55 workers have been left with no means to support their families and meet their commitments.

On the other side is a multi-million national beer conglomerate that made $4.4 billion in operating profit in 2015 and whose CEO, Alan Clark has estimated earnings of $62 million this year.

Members would be aware of the support that the ETU has showed us over the years with ETU members regularly attending UFU rallies to show their solidarity.

Members who wish to show their solidarity for these sacked workers can take the following actions:

  • Get on the ETU website or Face book page an send a message to the Company and/or Sign the Petition
  • Get on the ETU website/facebook page and donate to the sacked workers
  • Visit the community protest/picket line
  • Exercise a choice when purchasing beer.
  •  The following products are from CUB or Parent company SAB Miller :
    • Victoria Bitter
    • VB Gold
    • Carlton Draught
    • Carlton Mid
    • Carlton Dry
    • Carlton Cold
    • Carlton Black
    • Cascade Pale Ale
    • Cascade Stout
    • Cascade Premium Light
    • Cascade Draught
    • Cascade Bitter
    • Crown Lager
    • Melbourne Bitter
    • Pure Blonde
    • Fosters
    • Light Ice
    • Matilda Bay
    • Redback Beer
    • Dog bolter Dark Ale
    • Alpha Pale Ale
    • Fat Yak
    • Lazy Yak
    • Great Northern Super Crisp
    • Power’s Gold
    • Reschs
    • Grolsch
    • Pilsner Urquell
    • Peroni
    • Miller
    • Strongbow
    • Mercury
    • Bulmers
    • Redd’s Apple Ale
    • Abbotsford Invalid Stout
    • Sheaf Stout


The UFU has compiled a list of some beer brands that are not produced by CUB or Parent company SAB Miller:

  • James Boag’s
  • Coopers
  • Temple Brewing CO
  • Thunder Road ( Brunswick Bitter, Collingwood Draught etc.)
  • Asahi
  • Corona
  • Tooheys
  • XXXX
  • Hahn
  • Swan
  • Emu
  • James Squire
  • 4 pines Brewing Company
  • Stone and Wood
  • Becks
  • Heineken
  • Guinness
  • Kilkenny
  • White Rabbit

For members who wish to show their support at the picket line it is located at the CUB Brewery, Southampton Crescent, Abbotsford.


Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary