Bulletin No:         081                                 Volume:  22                                   Thursday 31 March 2016



Bargaining MFB and CFA Operational Staff is continuing with the UFU continuing to use FWC to seek an outcome.


Members are informed that there is a significant number of matters in progress regarding our enterprise bargaining claim. Many of these items have involved the active participation of members in a public/political awareness campaign.


Members are to be congratulated on their solidarity and commitment in the face of the adversity and attempts by the minister, CFA chief executive officer and MFB President to deal directly with employees and bypass our union.


Ultimately there interest is not your interest as they are clearly doing the bidding of the minister. It appears the sole objective of their warm and friendly approach is one to attempt to facilitate division in our membership.


Bargaining Continues


In relation to MFB bargaining members are advised that the UFU has provided significant documentation to the MFB in line with an alternative proposal put by Commissioner Roe to progress bargaining.


The parties are before FWC this afternoon to discuss this further. The basis for the alternative proposal was a re-evaluation of MFB bargaining in light of the Commissioner’s draft recommendations for the CFA Agreement.


In relation to CFA bargaining, the UFU is continuing to bargain in good faith including pressing the CFA for additional documentation following the last correspondence between the parties.


As always, the UFU continues to review bargaining in order to maximise the potential for resolution and is currently in discussions with its legal team on how to progress commissioner roes Recommendations and the Fair Work Commission Process.


In the meantime members are reminded that protected industrial action continues and is vital to this ongoing campaign.


If you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Branch Secretary on 0419 127 004.



Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary