Bulletin No:          079                                     Volume:  20                        Tuesday 9 April 2014






Yesterday MFB Acting CEO Russell Eddington and Acting Chief Officer Peter Rau distributed an email attempting to convince employees that the application to wipe out/abolish the Operational Staff Agreements is not intended to devalue you and your work.

Yeah sure!

The MFB says that in place of  the agreements  it will give an “undertaking” that it will not reduce wages, penalties, leave entitlements and will preserve the 10/14 “four on four off” roster.

Members are reminded that in 2010 the MFB and UFU reached agreement on the Operational Staff Enterprise Agreement, and the ACFO Enterprise Agreement which was subsequently signed by the MFB and the UFU and certified through the Fair Work Commission.

Now the MFB have applied to the Fair Work Commission to terminate those  Agreements, which would  wipe out the enterprise agreements and leave firefighters with only an Award of minimum conditions.

The Agreements were documented signed and certified after protracted negotiations.

Now the MFB are claiming they will give the Commission an “undertaking” in respect of some terms and conditions.

If the MFB are prepared to give an undertaking why do they want to set the agreement aside?

How effective is an undertaking in protecting your interests when the MFB have sought to wipe out your enterprise agreements?

How effective is an undertaking, and not even an undertaking to each of you, limited to only some matters dealt with by the agreements?

This is the MFB that is reneging on the agreements reached, documented, signed and certified.

How safe will you feel without an enterprise agreement?

The best protection of your wages, hours of work, leave, and safety at work is your enterprise agreement which includes a raft of terms and conditions that simply are not included in the Award.

The UFU will be corresponding with members in the near future with more information about the effect of MFB’s actions and will provide notification of a general membership meeting

          P. S:

            To Russell Eddington and Peter Rau


            The 10/14 roster does not actually result in firefighters working         “four on four off”. Perhaps a visit to a station might be         educational.  We suggest you do not bandy about promises of         “undertakings” without fully understanding what you are         “undertaking” to do.


Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary