Bulletin No:         149                                     Volume:  20                        Monday July 7 2014

To all MFB Members / Operational staff employees


The MFB’s case to wipe out the firefighters terms and conditions of employment began this morning with MFB hierarchy and executive team marching into the Fair Work Commission  with bodyguards.


The MFB, lead by Andrew Zammit, Peter Rau and David Youssef, along with David Bruce, John Jugum, Adam and Mark Dalrymple, Russell Eddington, Danielle Burns, Sean Hogan, Matthew Minucci and Jeanette Pearce entered the building en masse.


The UFU understands the MFB had notified the Commission and Police claiming firefighters would storm the building. As a result there was a police presence outside the Commission with the Commission doors locked and being opened by Commission staff upon request of persons wanting to enter.


This is just another attempt to discredit firefighters and divert attention away from the MFB’s divisive and treacherous actions designed to destroy the fabric of the fellowship within the MFB.


The MFB were proven wrong in their alleged scaremongering and lies as approximately 100 firefighters that were in Fair Work today had a barbeque breakfast before orderly filing into the Commission, filling the court room where the case is being heard and the adjourning court room where a video link is showing the case, set up to accommodate about 40 firefighters.

The pathetic behaviour of the MFB was further demonstrated by their attempt to prevent firefighters taking seats in half of the court room by placing their own reserved sign on the seats. UFU staff removed those signs and some UFU supporters sat amongst the MFB. They must have mistaken the court room for a movie theatre where you could reserve seating.


MFB’s counsel made an opening address before Herman Borenstein QC for the UFU succinctly set out the reason all were there today and would be for the further 20 days.


Mr Borenstein said the MFB’s termination application was purely as a result of MFB’s inability to get its way in bargaining and in order to advance its big ticket items through the Commission the MFB are now saying that they should not have to honour agreements that they have reached, referring to clauses that they not only agreed to in 2010 but also included in a series of agreements before that.


The UFU successfully sought an exclusion of witnesses and as a result, David Youssef, David Bruce, Andrew Zammit, John Jugum and Adam Dalrymple had to leave the courtroom and walk through firefighters in the foyer downstairs who were waiting for an opportunity to get into any one of the two packed courtrooms.


We appreciate the solidarity of the membership turning up in large numbers and apologise for the inability to accommodate all members who attended. A systematic roster will be put in place to ensure all are accommodated every day.

If there are any queries in relation to this matter, please contact the UFU office.


Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary