Bulletin No:          256                               Volume:  20                        Tuesday 18  November 2014




  • 450 extra firefighters
  • reinstatement of job security


The Collingwood Town Hall rang with applause and had an air of heightened expectation today as 800 UFU members donned in “Napthine Slashes You Burn” t-shirts gathered to hear important announcements regarding the future of fire services.

Secretary Peter Marshall opened the meeting briefly canvassing the attacks that firefighters and fire service employees had faced during the last four years of a Napthine-Wells Government.

Special Guest Daniel Andrews was then introduced who told the meeting “It’s time to protect the protectors – it’s time to put people first!”  The Leader of the Labor Party acknowledged that it was the firefighters and emergency service workers who protected the community – not the politicians.  

A range of policies were unveiled that would address key concerns firefighters are facing.  This is why we must change the Government.

  • A comprehensive and independent inquiry into the Fiskville contamination saga
  • 450 additional firefighters to be rolled out based on safe staffing and population growth
  • Presumptive legislation to recognise occupational cancer
  • A central bargaining unit and legislative reform to prevent fire agencies  using constitutional legal argues to renege on agreements
  • The rolling out of EMR across all CFA stations
  • Ensuring the Fire Service Levy to support firefighting services to improve emergency response and  improve community protection
  • Permanent secondment programme between MFB and CFA
  • Resorting minimum qualifications for firefighters
  • Respecting existing training frameworks and agreed qualifications
  • Honour all agreements to reinstate job security
  • Examine options for a Career Firefighters Registration Board

There are only 11 days until the election on 29 November.

It is clear we must change the government in order to have employers that respect firefighters and fire service employees, will honour agreements and will make decisions based on community protection and firefighter safety.

All members who are yet to commit to assisting on Election Day on 29 November are asked to email org2@ufuvic.asn.au to do so.  Firefighters will be at all key polling booths in 8 marginal electorates to inform the public to put the Napthine-Liberals last.

It you are unable to assist on Election Day we ask you to assist for at least a couple of hours on at least one day to do so the same at selected pre-polling booths.  Again, please email your availability to org2@ufuvic.asn.au and we will get in touch with you.

If any member has any queries about the election campaign please text Dan Hunt on 0419 127 045 or any questions about any of the above please ring Peter Marshall direct on 0419 127 004.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary