Bulletin No:         151                                     Volume:  20                        Tuesday July 8 2014

To ALL UFU Members


A recent Poll conducted by Trades Hall in three of the most marginal electorates in the state, Mordialloc, Bellarine and Frankston, has highlighted the success that our Doorknocking campaign has had on the public. In each of these seats 800 members of the public polled and they show a major swing away from the conservative parties as well as an increase in voters who see funding the fire service an election issue.

As part of the poll people were asked which two issues they thought would be of most benefit to themselves and their community.  In Bellarine and Frankston 30% of people put properly funding firefighters and paramedics as either their first or second choice. In Mordialloc it was only 26%. The main differences between Mordialloc and the other two seats is that we are yet to have had a doorknock in Mordialloc. This is the best indication to date that doorknocking is having an effect on making the Napthine Governments cuts to the Fire Service an election issue.

Whilst this is promising news it doesn’t mean that we can sit back and relax, there are still five months to the election and the doorknocking campaign has to continue if we want to make sure that after November you have a new employer.

The Next Doorknock we have coming up is in Bentleigh on Saturday the 19th of July.  This is a pivotal seat for the election as the liberals hold it by only 0.9%. In light of the recent polling that indicates  a 4% increase in voters who consider fire service funding an election issue once we have doorknocked a seat, our chances of taking Bentleigh from the Napthine government is good as long as we get people on the ground.

Members are to meet at:

Bentleigh Bowls club

1 Higgins Road Bentleigh


Members will be put into pairs for the doorknock and provided with food and drink on the day as well as training.

A BBQ will be provided for lunch afterwards.

All members are encouraged to attend this day of action, please contact Dan at org2@ufuvic.asn.au to register your attendance.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary