Bulletin No:          164                            Volume:  21                           Friday 21 August 2015

Protected Action Ballot Successful for Both CFA and MFB Operational Staff

93.3% of CFA and 96.7% of MFB Votes were in favour of taking Protected Action

Earlier today the AEC counted the votes in the protected action ballots which were ordered on the 29th of July for MFB and CFA operational staff.

Both ballots had an extremely high return rate and the result was an overwhelming majority in favour of taking protected action in both organisations.

648  of the 700 votes returned for the CFA Ballot were in favour of taking protected Action and in the MFB 1177 of the 1217 votes returned were in favour of taking protected action.

As 70% of ballot papers sent out were returned these results are a very good indication of the level of frustration amongst members of the continued delay in reaching an agreement in the Enterprise Bargaining Process.

Members are advised not to begin taking any of the actions which were voted on until notified by the Branch Committee Of Management.

Information in relation to the implementation of protected industrial action will be made available to members in the near future.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary