Bulletin No: 084 | 31 July 2019





Members are advised that on 23 April 2019 the UFU wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions requesting the assets of Mr Graham Leslie White be confiscated/seized in the context of his activities, particularly the dumping of toxic waste.

As members are aware, there have been a number of fires resulting in injury to career firefighters as a result of toxic waste stockpiles that have been dumped illegally.

Recently, Attorney-General Jill Hennessy foreshadowed laws for the imprisonment of individuals/directors responsible for the dumping of toxic waste.  The UFU makes no apologies for vigorously pursuing not only reformed legislation to hold those perpetrators to account in the most meaningful way (i.e. incarceration for recklessly endangering the health and wellbeing of our members) but also requesting that the appropriate assets of the persons responsible be seized.

The following extract from The Age is a result of The Age’s investigative reporting and continual highlighting and exposing of the activities of these individuals.  It appears that as a result of the UFU correspondence and campaign, and The Age’s regular coverage of this matter, one of the perpetrators has now had his assets seized.

Regarding Graham White, “ … a portfolio of assets and cash estimated to be worth around $2.6 million has been frozen by court order after he failed to pay a clean-up bill issued by WorkSafe.” (“Drone detects 13th illicit toxic dump linked to network”, Chris Vedelago and Sumeyya Ilanbey, The Saturday Age, 13 July 2019).

As part of our global alliance, our North American colleagues have recently embarked upon making individuals accountable for those who put firefighter health and wellbeing in jeopardy through reckless and criminal activity.

Firefighters are not a disposable commodity and should not be viewed as collateral damage because of the criminal activities of these unscrupulous persons. 

The UFU will keep members informed.  We are pleased with the proactive action of the Attorney-General and indeed, commend The Age for their investigative reporting which has highlighted and exposed the activities of these unscrupulous operators. 


Strength in Unity

Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary