Bulletin No: 014 | Saturday 26 January 2019

To: All UFU members



Congratulations to Mick Tisbury and Col Campbell  


The UFU is incredibly proud to announce that today UFU Vice-President and MFB Commander Mick Tisbury and UFU member and MFB LFF Col Campbell have both been named as recipients of the Australian Fire Service Medal.  


Mick Tisbury’s dedication to the fire service

Mick joined the fire service 30 years ago and how holds the senior rank of MFB Commander.  Mick has also served as an elected member of the UFU Branch Committee of Management for over a decade, contributing to the advancement of members’ conditions. 

Mick has dedicated the best part of the last 7 years in a battle for the betterment of firefighter health and safety by exposing the issue of PFAS contamination in the fire service. 

As members may recall, in 2012 the UFU became aware that Victorian firefighters were training in contaminated water at the CFA Fiskville Training Grounds.   

Mick was pivotal in leading the union’s battle for water testing at the facility as well as access to the results of the water testing.   The regular water testing revealed PFAS contamination which ultimately led to the closure of the dangerous and contaminated Fiskville facility. 

Following the closure, the UFU fought for the establishment of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the CFA Fiskville Training Ground, which ultimately revealed that CFA management has knowingly exposed firefighters – both career and volunteer – as well as other employees and the community to toxic water and contaminated soil. 

Mick is now considered a firefighting expert on the issues of PFAS contamination and decontamination and toxicologists and other fire services around the country draw from his now vast knowledge of PFAS contamination.  


In addition to sharing his expert knowledge for UFUA submissions to various state and national parliamentary inquiries, Mick also:

  • Shared his expertise with delegates to the Stockholm Convention POPs Review Committee in 2018, to progress the fight for mandatory banning of PFAS foams
  • Joined a panel of experts at the 2018 UFUA PFAS Workshop to ensure that all UFUA branches are equipped with information about contamination
  • Assisted in the development of the first successful decontamination process for appliances and equipment
  • Spearheaded research into PFAS levels in firefighters’ blood and pushed for fire agencies to fund and facilitate blood testing, and much more.

The UFU and all firefighters are indebted to Mick’s dedication in exposing the issue of PFAS contamination.  His work has led to the betterment of the fire services and we congratulate him on the receipt of the AFSM. 


Colin Campbell’s dedication to the fire service  


Col Campbell joined the fire service 29 years ago and holds the rank of Leading Firefighter. 

Through his role at the MFB, as MLO (Multicultural Liaison Officer), Col identifies areas for improvement for the MFB in their various community engagement and education programs. 

Engagement with linguistic and/or culturally diverse communities can often be a challenge for organisations however the MFB certainly benefits from Col’s vast knowledge of, and connection with, the communities that he has served for so many years, primarily in Melbourne’s western suburbs. 

Those who know Col know that there is no task too big and he will always take it upon himself to assist the community in whichever way possible.  Indeed, this even includes assisting the UFU with charity work for The Way Community and the Les Twentyman Foundation Christmas Drive of which the UFU is grateful for Col’s generosity and assistance.


Great work in the fire service benefits both fire service personnel and the community. 

The UFU once again congratulates Mick and Col on being named recipients of the 2019 Australian Fire Service Medal.   


Strength in Unity

Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary