Bulletin No: 029 | 18 February 2021

To: All UFU Members


UFUA Victorian Branch Rule Change
National Delegation to the National Committee of Management.



The United Firefighters Union of Australia (UFUA) Victorian Branch, Branch Committee of Management has adopted changes to the UFU Victorian Branch rules on 16 February 2021.


In accordance with rule 49(4) of the UFUA Rules, the Branch Secretary is required to publicise the rule changes adopted by the Branch Committee of Management (BCOM).


The effect of the change is to define the delegate whom takes up the 6th position on the National Committee of Management from the Victorian Branch Committee of Management.

The full text of the changes is provided below:


That rule 1(3) of Schedule 2 being the rules of the Victorian Branch be altered by:

Deleting rule1(3) and inserting:

(3)     Pursuant to Rule 12 of the rules of the Union, where the Branch is entitled to more than two National Delegates the third and fourth delegate shall respectively be the Vice-President, and the Junior Vice President, and the fifth delegate shall be the trustee with the most service on the Branch Committee, and the sixth delegate shall be the trustee with the next most service on the Branch Committee. If three or more trustees have equally the most amounts of service, the two trustees with the longest period of membership of the Branch shall be the fifth and sixth delegate.




Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary