Bulletin No: 057            Volume: 24        Sunday 1 April 2018




Members are informed that there here has been enormous public backlash against the deceitful and dishonest actions of Matthew Guy’s Opposition Liberal Party. In particular, the actions of Mr Bernie Finn (Liberal member for Western Metropolitan) and Mr Craig Ondarchie (Liberal member for Northern Metropolitan), which set a new low for Parliament.

The UFU understands the disappointment, frustration and anger that is being felt by our membership.  However, those emotions should be – and will be – harnessed to turn this into victory and succeed in our objectives.   Your Branch Committee of Management is very much committed to achieving this, and so is the Andrews Labor Government.

The following press release was issued by the Andrews Labor Government in response to the treacherous and dishonest behaviour of Matthew Guy and his ‘leadership’ team.

It should be noted that the term ‘leadership’ is, when applied to the Matthew Guy Liberal Opposition, a complete misuse of the English language – unless, of course, ‘leadership’ is defined by dishonesty and deceit.

If that is the case, that leadership is now defined by dishonesty and deceit, there is something very wrong with the direction in which our society has taken.

Andrews Government committed to FRV and presumptive legislation

The Andrews Government stated the following in a recent press release: 

“We are currently considering all parliamentary avenues to see the passage of this legislation at the earliest possible opportunity – to correct the abuse of Parliament that was witnessed today”

Members are informed that there have been a number of UFU Delegate Telephone Conferences to mobilise our resources in the context of this latest set back.

The UFU understands that many members have been impacted by the Liberal party’s latest attack on professional firefighters.  Your Branch Committee of Management once again reiterates the welfare mechanisms that are available to members and urge you to utilise them if necessary:

UFU Welfare Officer

Ross Fusca can be contacted by members confidentially at: ufuwelfareofficer@gmail.com or 0477 884 456.


  • For MFB personnel there is 24-hour access to a dedicated counselling service with psychologists by calling 1800 451 138 or 1300 366 789.  If you call this service you can have immediate access to a psychologist via telephone or alternatively make an appointment.  This service is also available for family members.
  • Additionally, for MFB personnel there is an extensive peer support programme where a clinician can be accessed by calling 9665 4405 or 0407 665 174 or the Peer Coordinator on 0417 538 289 or 9665 4516.
  • CFA members can access Critical Incident Stress Peer Support by calling either the CFA Chaplain Service on 1800 337 068 or the CFA Member Assistance Program 1300 795 711.


Services available to all:

On the beyondblue website https://www.beyondblue.org.au/ the following support services are listed that are external to the CFA and MFB and that are available to all. The website has comprehensive information that deals with a range of mental health awareness and the support and help that is available.

The numbers for these services are as follows:

  • Lifeline 13 11 14
  • Suicide Call Back Services  1300 659 467
  • beyondblue Support Service 1300 22 4636

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the UFU on 9419 8811 or Branch Secretary Peter Marshall on 0419 127 004.


Strength in Unity
Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary