Bulletin No: 067                  Volume: 24            Friday 13 April 2018



CFA, MFB and UFU form tripartite partnership to improve workplace culture


On 4 April 2018 MFB, CFA and UFU met to discuss the most effective way to work together to improve current workplace culture for our employees. We all agreed that together we are best placed to lead positive changes to improve workplace culture and morale.

A range of issues were discussed, including the need for ongoing independent culture analysis, and the benefits of a joint approach in improving the lives of all MFB and CFA employees.

We discussed the confusing nature of media reporting and social media discussions about Fire Services’ culture which has resulted in a distorted view of what it is like to work in MFB and CFA today, and the impact of negative social and media commentary about alleged employee behaviours within the Fire Services. We recognised that the combination of credible, misleading and sometimes false reports, containing historical and current accounts, has resulted in uncertainly around life at MFB and CFA, and caused harm to our people’s welfare and our reputation.

We appreciate the importance of recognising that whilst progress has been made through our learnings from historical accounts of poor cultural experiences, we share a collective goal to do everything possible to build a respectful and inclusive culture that supports and nurtures our most valuable resource, our people. To do this we believe that it’s important to understand our current culture.

This is why we have chosen to build on our learnings by exploring the commissioning of credible, independent research and analysis of the way we operate and interact with one another and the community. This objective approach will ensure that we have credible evidence that will help us to identify current issues if any, implement improvements and evaluate progress and success in building a more contemporary Fire Service.

Further announcements will be made, and we encourage all employees to embrace the spirit of cooperation that has resulted by convening this committee.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary