Bulletin No: 098                                 Volume: 24                            Wednesday 23 May 2018

To: All UFU Members

Important communication notice to members:



As part of the enhancement of communication to members, the UFU is re-establishing Workplace Organising Committee Members.  

What is a WOC?

The role of a WOC member is not one of being a Union Shop Steward or Job Delegate.  It requires a commitment to disseminate the latest information and keeping our Union members informed.

What commitment is required to be a designated WOC member?

A minimal time commitment is required, other than an initial half-day’s training, for a member of the Union to become a designated WOC contact. This can either be done by video link or phone given the role is one of providing information and feedback.

The WOC nominated member’s job is simply to ensure that communications (i.e. Union bulletins, information sheets, etc) are disseminated to the fellow members at the relevant workplace either by:

  • discussing it at the mess-room table,
  • bringing the bulletin to the attention of the workplace members at muster, and/or
  • ensuring the latest Union bulletin and information is placed on the Notice Board.

In short, a WOC member’s job is to simply bring the attention of his or her fellow members while at work within the workplace the latest developments and information from your Union so that the membership is fully informed.

Your Union produces all the material and will rely on the WOC member to make sure that it is placed on the Notice Board or disseminated in the workplace.  This may be as simple as making sure it is placed on the Notice Board and bringing it to the attention of the rest of the shift or platoon.

How to become a WOC?

If you are willing to assist your fellow members and perform this rewarding role, please contact Laura Campanaro on 0427 734 064 or at org1@ufuvic.asn.au.

We will be contacting each station and each platoon in the near future.

Strength in Unity

Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary