Bulletin No: 099 | 19 November 2020



Move-ups and minimum staffing

for GARS 11 frv STATIONS

Members have brought to the attention of the UFU that there are ongoing disparities in minimum staffing arrangements in the case of appliance and crew move-ups from Division A to Division B stations.


As a result of members’ contact with the Union, we have had initial discussions with FRV to advise them of the issues reported to us, with a view to finding a timely and effective resolution.


FRV has given an undertaking to investigate and respond regarding how the identified disparities of staffing will be addressed for move-ups between Division A and Division B stations and we look forward to working productively with our members and FRV to resolve these issues.


To ensure members have the opportunity to address the issues directly with FRV, UFU has arranged a Zoom meeting with FRV senior leadership, to which we invite the affected members from the GARS 11 stations.


Move-up Staffing Meeting details:


Meeting location – via Zoom –

Time: 1.30pm

Date: Tuesday 24 November 2020

MEETING REGISTRATION AND DETAILS: a link will be forwarded to members via email by FRV




We acknowledge that this matter will have some broader application to the other FRV Division B stations and confirm that once we have resolved matters for the GARS 11 stations, we will then address any outstanding move-up issues regarding the remaining Division B stations


We therefore urge affected members to attend this important meeting, to ensure they can articulate the issues directly to FRV senior leadership and be made fully aware of the undertakings and resolutions that will be implemented.



An email invitation will be provided to affected members from GARS 11 stations tomorrow (Friday 20 November 2020), providing the relevant meeting details including how to register for and join the meeting.




Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary