Bulletin No: 123 | 16 December 2020



Time to show the UFU Family Generosity
Auction and Go Fund Me Page
 LFF Graeme Cooper


As some of you may be aware FRV LFF Graeme Cooper has been diagnosed and continues to fight cancer.    Without going too deep into Graeme’s personal details, the Cooper family have 3 young children and Graeme’s shift mates are calling on his extended family – you – to help ease the financial pressure and stress that the family are currently facing.

Whilst the Coopers are being assisted by PROTECT, due to the type of cancer that Graeme has been diagnosed with he is not covered by presumptive legislation.



There are two ways you can help the Cooper family. 

Visit the Facebook Auction Page

Click Here to visit the Facebook Page – LFF GRAEME COOPER FUNDRAISER


Donate to the Go Fund Me Page

Graeme Cooper – Go Fund Me Page Link



Graeme is lucky to have great shift mates who are organising an online auction (see above “Facebook Page” link)  of what would have been goods for the 2020 Ballarat 000 Emergency Services Ball (thank you to all involved in donating these goods to the Cooper family fundraiser).


A Facebook page has been set up for the auction of these items -some of which include:

  • Private Gold Class Screening for 28 people
  • 2021 Western Bulldogs autographed jersey
  • Lots of Ballarat local business vouchers
  • Kmart Vouchers
  • Wish Gift Card



Please visit the FaceBook link and register for the online auction.  All proceeds will be donated to the Cooper Family.


In addition to the auction, shift mate Jason Adams has set up a Go Fund Me page (see above “Graeme Cooper- Go Fund Me Page link”).


This is your opportunity to help out a brother by making a small donation to ease the financial stress the Cooper family are currently facing.  Graeme is a humble man who has spent a lot of his life giving to others and now needs our support!


We thank our UFU members in advance as we know the call out to help a brother or sister is always well received and the generosity of the UFU family always overwhelms us and the recipient.




Strength in Unity

Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary