Bulletin No: 184 | 22 October 2018






  • The UFU advises members that the Protect information packs containing Authorisation Forms are now being mailed out.   
  • Members are respectfully reminded that income protection via Protect commences from the date that the UFU Office receives your authorisation form. Therefore, it is important that members complete and return their forms as soon as possible.
  • Information packs will contain a letter from Branch President Dave Hamilton and Branch Secretary Peter Marshall, information pamphlets and comparison documents for Protect and an authorisation form that is to be completed by UFU members and returned to the UFU Office either via the reply paid envelope you will receive or via email (org2@ufuvic.asn.au).
  • The UFU will also work with UFU Delegates to organise station/workplace visits from Protect commencing this week.



  • Last Friday 19 October, the Fair Work Commission issued an Order securing income protection allowance of $48 a week that will be paid as a reimbursement by the employer for all classifications in the CFA/UFU Operational Staff Agreement 2010 and MFB/UFU Operational Staff Agreement 2010.
  • The UFU has also obtained written commitments from Government, MFB and CFA for employees covered by the CFA/UFU Managers Community Safety Enterprise Agreement 2005 (2009 Extended and Varied Version) and MFB/UFU Assistant Chief Officers Agreement 2010, also providing for the allowance that is paid as a reimbursement.
  • On your behalf, the UFU has negotiated an income protection policy tailored to members’ needs with union-friendly and trusted Protect income protection. Further detail below.



You will soon receive an information pack in the mail with further information.  Enclosed in this pack will be an authorisation form to be completed by yourself and returned to the UFU Office as soon as possible.  You can return this to the UFU Office either by:

  • Using the reply paid envelope provided in your information pack OR
  • Scanning and emailing the authorisation form to the UFU via email: org2@ufuvic.asn.au.

This will streamline the process for the allowance to be paid direct to Protect by your employer. The date of your cover will commence on the date that the UFU Office receives your signed authorisation form.  It is important that we receive this form as soon as possible to ensure that you are protected. 

We strongly encourage members to show strength in numbers and to access income protection through this scheme as a collective.



After an extensive and lengthy process in the Fair Work Commission, the UFU is pleased to announce we have secured a new allowance of $48 a week that will be paid as a reimbursement by the employer for all CFA and MFB operational staff who take up income protection insurance.

On your behalf, the UFU has negotiated an income protection policy tailored for our members’ needs with trusted union-friendly provider, Protect.

Our members put their quality and quantity of life on the line to protect the community.  Professional firefighters deserve financial assistance and compensation in their time of need.

We all know of instances where firefighters have suffered an injury or illness that is not work-related, or their claims have been denied by WorkCover, and they somehow still have to provide for themselves and their families while off work or undergoing treatment.


The UFU strongly recommends that you take up the opportunity to be insured by Protect because:

  • Protect has a team of Victorian-based field officers that do not work for the insurer and are there to help you. They will assist you when needed to make a claim and manage claim processes on your behalf.  You have a one-point of call to assist you in your time of need.  
  • Protect has a high claim acceptance rate. Protect regularly meets with the insurer to discuss claims processes and acceptance rates to ensure you are actually able to access the entitlements in your policy.
  • Protect and the insurer will meet with your union to discuss improvements in the claim process and ensure that members’ claims are being handled and processed in a fair manner.
  • Protect has a history of providing income protection insurance to union members.


Some key advantages to being covered by the Protect insurance scheme include:

  • The premium is the same rate ($48 a week) regardless of rank, years of service or age
  • Cover is for all injuries and illnesses up until the Aged Pension age
  • Includes Ambulance Victoria membership for members and their families
  • Operates throughout the world
  • The waiting period for cover will not exceed 14 days
  • Provides weekly payments of 100% of pre-injury average weekly earnings up to $2000 a week with a benefit period of 104 weeks
  • Funeral expenses of $10,000
  • Policy does not exclude acts of terrorism
  • Includes a free 24/7 counselling service for members and their families
  • Includes alcohol and drug use and addiction awareness counselling or training


We trust Protect.  And we are proud to have fought for and won a union-backed income protection scheme for you. 

We thank you for your solidarity and your ongoing support. 


Why you should choose income protection insurance with Protect:

Protect is an income protection provider created by unions for unions.  Established in 2000 by the Electrical Trades Union Victorian Branch, Protect now offers income protection to workers and unionists in the electrical, manufacturing, construction, rail and mining industries. 

Protect field officers do not work for the insurer.  Rather, they work alongside the Union to deliver the best possible case management for union members.  With 5 Victorian-based field officers, we are assured that you will have timely contact with a Protect field officer.

Protect has a high claim acceptance rate.  It is important that members achieve strong results in the face of adversity.  

You are not required to exhaust your sick leave before making a Protect income protection claim.

Protect also offers ambulance cover for you and your immediate family.  The Union knows that ambulance cover is an important issue for UFU members and their families. 


Strength in Unity

Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary