Bulletin No: 207 | 12 December 2018





Deadline next Tuesday 18 December!

Gift suggestions and background info below…


  • UFU Delegates and members are respectfully reminded that the deadline for donations to the Les Twentyman Christmas Gift Drive is NEXT TUESDAY 18 DECEMBER!
  • For any questions, please contact Laura at the UFU Office on 0427 734 064 or org1@ufuvic.asn.au.


What to donate?

Members are encouraged to donate any items that are deemed suitable for young people aged 12 – 18 years and/or items that are suitable for families.  Gift suggestions:

  • Sports gear, including sports caps and sports socks
  • Sporting equipment in particular basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, cricket sets
  • Lynx Deodorant/Shower gel packs and hair wax products
  • Perfume, body moisturiser and makeup packs
  • Jewellery boxes, display cushions, room décor
  • Board games
  • Calming colouring books
  • Outdoor family games i.e. outdoor cricket, bocce sets
  • Beach items including frisbees, beach bags, beach towels
  • As members can appreciate, the LTF has asked for no candle donations.


Gift wrapping

As always, members are encouraged to display their gift-wrapping skills and wrap gifts in Christmas-themed wrapping paper or cellophane and ribbon!

Members are kindly asked to indicate age range on wrapped gifts. 


The UFU and the Les Twentyman Foundation: A Christmas partnership

Shortly before Christmas in 2016, a large fire destroyed much of the Little Saigon Market in Footscray VIC causing enormous damage to many businesses and organisations, including the Les Twentyman Foundation.

In the days following the incident, it was discovered that the LTF had lost approximately 6000 donated gifts and school books to the fire.  These were to be gifted to disadvantaged children and teenagers on Christmas Day.

Upon hearing the news, UFU members quickly mobilised.  Collectively, UFU members donated thousands of Christmas presents as well as a $14,500 donation from the UFU and Firefighters Charity Fund.

On Christmas Day 2016, it was revealed that Santa Claus is also a UFU member! Santa arrived at the LTF event in an antique fire truck, and assisted with the gift handover.

In 2017, UFU members once again rose to the occasion this time focussing on gifts for two often overlooked groups – families and teenagers. UFU members donated over 1000 gifts for teenagers and families.  UFU member Santa Claus, and his helpers from No. 44 B Platoon, assisted with the gift handover at the LTF Office. 

This year, we continue our Christmas partnership with LTF.  UFU members have been kindly asked to donate to this great cause and once again donate to teenagers and families. 

For many of the recipients, the donated gifts they receive through the LTF are often the only gifts they receive at Christmas.  The LTF Christmas Drive is a great way for members to continue to give back to our community.  We thank you in advance for your donations and your generosity.  


Strength in Unity

Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary