Bulletin No: 48                           Volume: 23                       Monday 3 April 2017                                        



As members are aware the UFU has long campaigned for increases in firefighting resources, to rectify shortages of fire cover to the community in certain areas.  The increased firefighting resources includes additional firefighter positions. This has been facilitated by the Andrews Government acting upon submissions from the CFA in the 2009 Bushfire Royal Commission.  As a result, the Andrews Government committed to fund the creation of 350 additional firefighter positions between 2015 -2019. The 350 positions are additional to the 342 firefighting positions which the former Napthine Liberal Government tried to prevent via litigation (it is worth noting that $21 million of fire service levy money was used unsuccessfully in part to litigate against the increased firefighting numbers).

We are pleased to report to members that following ongoing work and consultation the CFA has now undertaken the next phase of increases to staffing with the creation of 51 new Firefighter positions which are derived from the 350.

These increases have taken effect as of 31 March 2017 and will continue to provide for improved safety for all operational staff and the community when responding to emergency calls for assistance. Further increases to professional firefighter positions will continue to occur with consultation between the CFA and the UFU via the Operational Consultative Committee (EBIC).


As a part of the most recent increases the Operational Consultative Committee (EBIC), on which the UFU is represented, has reached agreement with the CFA to allow for Level 1 Firefighters to be used as minimum crewing in specified circumstances as follows:

(L1FF are utilised as part of minimum crewing under certain circumstances in the MFB and to facilitate harmonisation the CFA is adopting a similar approach).

As such, please read the following advice where L1FF can be utilised as part of minimum crewing:

  • 22 Locations where L1FF can be rostered to form part of minimum crewing on heavy pump appliances as of 31 March:

  Belmont                      Boronia                       Caroline Springs          Craigieburn

  Cranbourne                 Eltham                        Greenvale                   Hoppers Crossing

  Mornington                 Ocean Grove               Pakenham                   Patterson River

  Point Cook                   Portland                      Rosebud                      Rowville       

  Springvale                   Sunbury                       Wangaratta                Wodonga

  South Morang             South Warrandyte

  • All of the above locations will have a minimum crewing of 4 per heavy pump appliance as of 31 March. Minimum crewing for the heavy pumper at these locations will be as follows:
    •    Station Officer or SENIOR STATION OFFICER
    •    Leading Firefighter
    •    Firefighter Level 2+ (with successful completion of and endorsement for Pumper and    Tanker increments)
    •    Firefighter Level 1+ (with successful completion of agreed CFA professional firefighter recruit course)


  • The Firefighter Level 1+ will not drive or operate the heavy pumper appliance or any other heavy vehicle under code one conditions until completion of the respective vehicle qualification and endorsement by the CFA.


  • The current skill profile of any stations other than those specified above will continue to adhere to the existing staffing chart and 34 week guidelines with respect to minimum crewing on appliances.


  • Where additional locations are agreed to move to staffing of four per appliance in future (with SO, LFF and 2 FF) Level 1 Firefighters will not automatically form part of the minimum crewing. For each new location the UFU and CFA will consult on what the minimum crewing will be for each appliance and location.


The UFU will continue to work hard to achieve additional capacity and safety of our members and improved protection to the community. We again thank our members for their solidarity and commitment in pursuing the increased protection, to not only the community but also to enhanced firefighter safety.

If you require any further information, please contact UFU Industrial Officer Gina Moore on 0488 900 661.


Strength in Unity

Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary