Bulletin No:          056                     Volume:  22                                      Friday 26 February 2016

 To all UFU OPS members


774 (Allegedly)

During an interview this morning with Lucinda Nolan and Jon Faine on ABC 774, it was revealed that the CFA’s Enterprise Agreement offer made on Wednesday was originally authored by Mark Gepp, Senior adviser to Minister Garrett’s.

Please find below extract from the transcript of the conversation this morning:

JON FAINE:         And that was your offer, or was it the Government’s offer.

LUCINDA NOLAN:             No, that’s my offer.

JON FAINE:         Are you independent of the Minister in this?

LUCINDA NOLAN:             Well obviously we have to seek support and endorsement of any additional funding, but for me it is about getting the best deal for my members.

JON FAINE:         Is your office run by the Minister’s office.

LUCINDA NOLAN:             Certainly not.

JON FAINE:         Was the letter written by you or the Minister’s staff?

LUCINDA NOLAN:             The letter was written by me.

JON FAINE:         If you click on properties when you look at the letter…

LUCINDA NOLAN:             Yes.

JON FAINE:         … it tells you who wrote it on the computer screen.

LUCINDA NOLAN:             I wrote it. That’s right.

JON FAINE:         No it was written by Mark Gepp, G-E-P-P, senior advisor to Minister Jane Garrett at 9.25 on Tuesday night.

LUCINDA NOLAN:             No the letter to my members was written by me at about 9.30 on the evening prior to the meeting.

JON FAINE:         The letter was forwarded from him, to you, and then to the members. If you click on properties on the letter that was sent out to everybody, and that’s what the union members have done, it shows who authored it, and it was not authored from your office, it was authored from the Minister’s office.

Lucinda Nolan continued to deny that the letter had come from the minister’s office despite evidence to the contrary.

Members can listen to the full interview at: http://goo.gl/htra5O

Further statements made by Ms Nolan in relation to the Commission during this interview are also inaccurate and misleading.

Members should be aware that the CFA CEO advised the Fair Work Commission, prior to the ‘offer’ being published, that the CFA no longer want the FWC to make a final Recommendation. The UFU have advised the Commission that it is now able to report back following the members meetings and requested a further conference.

The Commission stated that it will not make a final recommendation at this stage and will be scheduling a further report back conference as requested by the UFU.

The UFU will keep its members informed.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary