When:                       Sunday 7 May
Start time:               10am
Where:                      Trades Hall

May Day is the international day of working people and working class struggle. It commemorates the international struggle for the 8-hour day, which was first won right here in Victoria. On May Day, we send a message of international solidarity to our working brothers and sisters across the globe.

In 1856, stonemasons at Melbourne University put their tools down and marched to parliament and won the right to a 48-hour working week. It is incumbent on us to remember the struggles of our past and to remember to continue to fight for our rights at work.

The historic success of the campaign was first celebrated on 12 May 1856 with a grand march from Carlton Gardens to Cremorne Gardens in Richmond, followed by dinner, speeches, games, festivities and fireworks. Known as the 8 Hours Procession, the march became a major event in Melbourne and was held annually for the next 95 years, becoming a paid public holiday in 1879.

In recognising the fight for the right of working people to enjoy time with their families, Trades Hall has organised a family friendly May Day Fair, with activities planned for both kids and activist adults!

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary