Bulletin No:          206                            Volume:  21                   Friday 30 October 2015




There has been an overwhelming response to the request to members to write to the Premier and Minister expressing their disappointment in the orchestrated breakdown in negotiations and offence in having the UFU bypassed.

The responses received from Government are not acceptable.

We need to keep letting the Premier and the Minister know that you will not accept less than a complete and fair outcome.

Keep telling the Premier and the Minister that the Government’s behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Please cut and paste the below email and send to the Premier at the below email address and copy it to the Minister at the following email addresses:



Dear Premier

Thank you for your reply to my email.

However, I am still offended by the actions of your government in relation to not only our workplace agreement negotiations, but also your attitude towards my authorised bargaining agent being the UFU.

It is simply not acceptable that you sought to bypass my union by having the MFB and CFA deal directly with employees.  It is particularly shocking and disturbing that this has been done by a Labor Government and is against your stated policies, and agreements prior to the election.

I also bring to your attention the fact that your government’s claim that you have given firefighters and operational staff a 5% increase is deficient.

It is extremely misleading to suggest that the 5% increase would compensate firefighters for the forthcoming fire season given the dangers that we will face and the service we provide to the community.

I have only had one pay increase of 1.5% since 2012 so the 5% payment is in reality less than 1% per annum, well below any CPI increase. 

I find the less than 1% per annum increase highly offensive and view it as no more than a token effort and PR exercise.  It is also notable that it is not enforceable as the employer can remove it at any given time because of the illegal manner in which it has been sanctioned and implemented. Given the history of both employers it is highly likely that this will occur as I have no trust in confidence in my employer based on their previous actions.

You state that your government supports firefighters in the work we do but in real terms the income I provide to my family has gone backwards. 

Until recently professional firefighters and operational staff held your government in high regard. 

But these actions of your government have severely damaged the relationship between professional firefighters and yourself. 

This is extremely disappointing as professional firefighters and operational staff believed that under your government the previous draconian industrial environment and attacks on our wages and conditions would cease.

Unfortunately this has not been the case, and in fact the persons responsible for such attacks have been promoted by your government.

I hope you take all steps necessary to repair this damage.

I am also extremely disappointed that the Fire Service Property Levy is once again being used by the CFA and MFB to engage lawyers to litigate against my conditions of employment.  Again, we were assured by your government that this would not happen.

I call upon you to resolve our workplace agreement as well as honour agreements reached in bargaining.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary