Bulletin No:          001                                     Volume:  23                        Tuesday 3 January 2016



19 JANUARY 2016

The UFU will be convening a rally of off duty members  on Thursday the 19th of January in order to make clear to the MFB, CFA and State government that it is unacceptable that our agreements are still not resolved after more than 3 years of bargaining.

Additionally, pre-election and post-election commitments have not been delivered.

Members will muster at:

Trades Hall

Cnr Victoria St and Lygon St


10:00am Thursday 19 January 2016

BBQ will be provided from members from 8:30am onwards


Buses will be arranged for regional areas and designated stations, details of which will be provided in the near future.

From Trades Hall off duty members will march to Parliament house and then on to the MFB Headquarters at Eastern Hill where we will make sure our message is heard.

After more than 1,360 days of constant litigation and vilification career professional firefighters are still without new collective agreements and other prelection commitments have not been resolved.

The vilification and systematic attack on professional firefighters by both the MFB and CFA boards and third parties must not be allowed to continue.  Additionally, certainty of employment, wages and conditions that assure the safety of our members need to be resolved.

The UFU advocated strongly for the Andrews government in the lead up to the 2014 election because we believed that it would be a government that acknowledged and respected the sacrifices that career professional firefighters make in protecting the community.

The Andrews government has been in office for two years and disappointingly both fire agencies are allowed to continue to dishonour agreements and conduct a vilification campaign against their own employees.

When reading CFA correspondence or updates the community would rightly get the impression that there are no professional firefighters employed by the CFA and, in regard to the MFB, the same senior executives on extraordinary public monies are allowed to continue on with the their industrial and vilification campaign against their employees.

This is an important rally, all off duty members are asked to please take the time to attend and RSVP to pa@ufuvic.asn.au.

We are extremely disappointed with the Andrews government given the time and effort given by off duty firefighters in assisting in the last state election campaign.

Members will be provided with further detail over the coming weeks.

A Shop Steward telephone conference is being organised to discuss the rally this evening.


Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary