Bulletin No: 028                                                                                 5 December 2019



Important update to all UFUA members


Climate action resolution, UFUA legislative agenda update and more


This week, the National Delegates of the United Firefighters Union of Australia (National Union) met in Canberra, ACT for its annual National Committee of Management meeting.

The 2019 NCOM meeting was this year hosted by UFUA ACT Branch and was attended by 4 branches of the UFUA: ACT, Tasmania, Aviation and Victoria branch.  3 Delegates from the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union, including their Secretary Wattie Watson, also attended.

Importantly, at this meeting the UFUA National Committee also passed a unanimous resolution to call on federal, state and territory governments to act immediately on climate change.  Today, the UFUA held a media conference on the lawns of Federal Parliament demanding this action be taken.  A full copy of this resolution will be uploaded to the UFUA website.

With 2019 marking the end of the successful, decade-long presumptive cancer legislation campaign, the UFUA NCOM also resolved to enter 2020 with a revised legislative agenda with a view to once again bring firefighter issues to the forefront of politicians’ mindsMore information about this will be released to members early next year.


Key highlights

The meeting ran over three days and comprised of the NCOM meeting, the NEX (National Executive) meeting and OHS meeting.  Some of the key topics presented on, discussed and voted on include:

  • The key 2019 UFUA achievement of Australia becoming the first country outside of North America with presumptive legislation for firefighters coast to coast
  • The 2019 Aviation Senate Inquiry, its recommendations and a plan moving forward
  • Enterprise bargaining in ACT and Tasmania
  • A cohesive UFUA social media channel for members nationwide to keep up to date with our work and progress
  • The work of the UFUA representatives in relation to Australian Standards committees
  • NZPFU presentation on key fire service issues and campaigns including presumptive legislation, PFAS, sub-standard equipment and trucks, and more
  • PFAS and the UFUA on the world stage, in the context of the UFUA delegation to the United Nations and the subsequent bans on PFAS and PFxHS in firefighting foams
  • Presentations by key Federal politicians on issues affecting fire services
  • Toxic chemical stockpiling and the effects of these chemical fires on firefighters
  • Income protection for career firefighters nationwide
  • Key achievements of the UFUA, including the National Office’s contribution and involvement in over 20 key Inquiries, Committees and other submission in the last 8 years


The 2019 NCOM conference was a resounding success – robust discussion was had and a number of critically important resolutions were passed. 

The UFUA thanks our NZPFU comrades for their attendance and participation.  Additionally, the UFUA thanks IAFF Canadian Trustee, and President of United Firefighters of Winnipeg, Alex Forrest for his pre-recorded welcome to the conference. 


Authorised by National Secretary Peter Marshall

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary