Bulletin No:   177                           Volume: 22                     Tuesday 15 November 2016                                        

To: All UFU MFB Corp & Tech Members

UFU Update on Corporate and Technical Bargaining

Bargaining for a replacement Enterprise Agreement for Corporate and Technical Staff is reaching the 12 month mark so we felt it wq2as good timing to send out a stock-take to members of the current situation in bargaining.

In recent months the parties have been meeting regularly to discuss the outstanding items left for resolution.

In our most recent meeting the UFU Corp and Tech bargaining team met with MFB representatives last week. The main matters discussed at this meeting included: Paypoint progression, job security, introduction of change, stand-by on Public holidays, higher duties, consultation and bereavement leave.

The UFU proposed restrictions around the use of fixed-term employment and continued to pursue claims relating to employees on standby on public holidays to receive a day in lieu, and the implementation of an electronic pay system to reflect automatic progression through Paypoints.

Improvements to bereavement leave progressed to the point where we reached in-principle agreement that members will have access to an additional two days’ paid leave where they are required to attend the funeral of a family member that is held outside of Victoria. This positive development means that a total entitlement of up to 5 days leave may be accessed in compassionate / bereavement circumstances.

The MFB also finally presented a new proposal regarding terms of reference for consultation which is currently being reviewed by the UFU.

Unfortunately key items such as the 9 day fortnight, relocation allowance and the standardisation of stand-by allowances across all Corp and Tech employees still remain unresolved.

The UFU Bargaining team will meet with MFB again this week to further negotiate on matters put by the UFU. Members will continue to be updated as matters progress.

In the meantime, members are reminded that there is current industrial action in place. The UFU strongly encourages all members to participate in the industrial action to best progress your campaign for a fair EBA.

If members have any queries please contact your local delegate or Rini Krouskos at the UFU on 0400 441 616.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary