Bulletin No:   13                          Volume: 22                     Friday 20 January 2017                                        



As you are aware the MFB and UFU have been bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement for MFB Corp and Tech members since November 2015.

Since that time the parties have been meeting regularly and negotiations have progressed.

Unfortunately, however, throughout this protracted bargaining major items remain outstanding and do not seem close to resolution. These include a code of conduct to provide a fair system for employee conduct issues, equity in standby provisions for all employees, consultation regarding the introduction of change and matters such as employee entitlements to employees who attend the fire scene.

Also outstanding remains key items such the 9 day fortnight and wages which are still to be resolved.

As such, today the UFU has filed in FWC for a ballot for further protected industrial action.

Should the UFU be successful in FWC issuing the order, members will be sent a ballot paper from the AEC to vote on the industrial action. We remind members that in order to receive a ballot you need to ensure that your postal address is up to date with both the union and the MFB. If in doubt, please ensure this is updated urgently or you may not receive a ballot.

The question you will be asked to answer should a ballot of employees occur will be as follows:

In support of reaching an enterprise agreement with your employer, the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, do you support and authorise the taking of protected industrial actions which may involve taking separately, concurrently and/or consecutively any or all of the actions listed below, following the giving of 3 working days written notice to your employer:

  1. A ban on complying with a direction to temporarily and/or permanently relocate work stations or locations within the same building.
  2. A ban on working with or cooperating with suppliers.
  3. A ban on conducting any work in relation to tenders.
  4. A ban on communicating via email including responding via and receiving emails.
  5. A ban on attendance at any meeting convened by the MFB unless in relation to enterprise bargaining negotiation meetings.
  6. Stoppages to normal duties to place an out of office message on MFB email accounts which includes union and industrial campaign messages and materials.
  7. A ban on complying with a direction to remove any out of office on MFB email accounts which may includes union and industrial campaign messages and materials.
  8. A ban on processing all F1 invoices against a specific general ledger code. F1 invoices will be processed to any general ledger code. 
  9. A ban on processing any payments to vendors.
  10. A ban on organising or processing manual payment requests.
  11. A ban on processing reimbursements to MFB executive leadership team members.
  12. Stoppages to normal duties to implement a redirect of all emails received to MFB Executive Director of People and Culture and/or MFB Chief Executive Officer.
  13. A ban on complying with a direction to remove any re-direction of email to MFB Executive Director of People and Culture and/or MFB Chief Executive Officer.
  14. A ban on activating any mobile data or mobile devices.
  15. A ban on undertaking user acceptance testing in the QAS testing environment.
  16. A ban on processing invoices over $2000 via any module but the F1 module.
  17. Stoppages to normal to redirect all enquiries made by vendors or in relation to vendors to the relevant Director and/or Executive Director and/or Chief Executive Officer.
  18. A ban on helpdesk staff logging jobs by any system other than email.
  19. A ban on creating, updating and reporting any jobs on any system where faults or requests for work are captured.
  20. A ban on keeping any record of hours worked including time on all job requests and/or incidents.
  21. A ban on participating in or providing information to any projects, system upgrades or user acceptance testings.



If members have any queries in relation to this ballot and the proposed protected industrial action, or bargaining in general please contact UFU Industrial Officer’s Rini Krouskos or Carol Gee your local workplace delegate.

Strength in Unity


Authorised by Peter Marshall, Branch Secretary