UFU members and career firefighters show support for the Salvos On Thursday 10 October, on World Homeless Day, approximately 40 off-duty UFU members (and two spouses!) as well as several on-duty crews attended the UFU…

UFU returns to the world stage

On 4 October 2019, the UN Expert Committee passed a resolution in the form of a recommendation to the next Stockholm Convention for a global ban of PFHxS without exemptions.

Toxic dumper’s assets seized

Firefighters are not a disposable commodity and should not be viewed as collateral damage because of the criminal activities of these unscrupulous persons. 

Vale Senior Leading Firefighter Neil Poulton

Neil was one of our own.  Neil was an inspiring leader in the workplace, a strong unionist, a diligent delegate, and a friendly face on station.   

UFU Welfare Officer returns

Today the UFU welcomes back Welfare Officer Ross Fusca, after he took a period of sick leave.

Support & welfare services available to UFU members

The UFU reaffirms the following underpinning support and welfare services that are provided to all UFU members and their members.  We encourage you to utilise these services. 

Final weeks to register for MFB/UFU PFAS blood study

It is vital that all eligible current and retired MFB personnel – not just limited to career firefighters – participate in this world-first study. Members have TWO WEEKS LEFT to register their participation.