People matter survey

As per communication from the MFB members will be aware that the MFB is inviting its employees to participate in the People Matter Survey.

Ops bargaining update

Members are advised that a further hearing took place this morning in relation to the CFA Operational Staff Enterprise Agreement negotiations.

UFU welcomes new CEO to MFB

The UFU has been reliably informed by the rumour file that the MFB’s new CEO as appointed will be Mr. James Higgins from the Department of Human Services.

Fireground accountability

The UFU has been proposing an appropriate system of GPS for many months now.


Members are informed that the UFU has reviewed the MFB ‘update’ regarding carbon monoxide at the Hazelwood incident and the AMCOSH document which was leaked to the UFU.

Ops bargaining update

As members are aware an interim order was issued by the Fair Work Commission in respect to bargaining between the CFA and the UFU. The matter was adjourned to today for further hearing.