MFB’s new general order no. 3

It has been bought to the UFU’s attention that the MFB has issued a new general order which is essentially an attempt to gag members.

MFB deductions unlawful

The UFU has been made aware that the MFB has made unlawful deductions from numerous members’ wages for alleged overpayments relating to recent deployments this fire season.

Fire Commissioner vindicates UFU water testing

The Fire Services Commissioner has today changed the testing regime of the water quality in the Hazelwood mine as a direct result of the UFU independent analysis.

Aerial pumper staffing at Hazelwood

Agreement was reached between the UFU and the CFA regarding the commissioning of the new aerial pumpers (snozzle) for use at Hazelwood incident.

Safety alert- water contamination identified at Hazelwood

Following UFU members informing the UFU of a series serious safety breaches at the Hazelwood incident the UFU undertook to have its own independent testing of the water being used at Hazelwood in firefighting operations including the H.A.R.A or ash pit area.

Update on enterprise bargaining

This week the UFU provided the CFA with an independent economic analysis which calculates the massive productivity lift required of CFA firefighters over the next three years.