UFU firefighter uniform

Today, the UFU accepted delivery on a cache of UFU firefighter uniforms to be used by members during the UFU Napthine Slashes. You Burn campaign and to be worn during activities.

UFU members rally Tuesday 25 March attendance necessary

Next Tuesday 25 March 2014 UFU members will march to the steps of Parliament, 250 days out from the State election, to launch our campaign against this Napthine Liberal Government’s actions- Napthine Slashes. You Burn.

Sector commanders at Hazelwood

Members are reminded that under no circumstances should any member engage on an operational activity without the proper processes for command and control, including sector command.

MFB’s new general order no. 3

It has been bought to the UFU’s attention that the MFB has issued a new general order which is essentially an attempt to gag members.

MFB deductions unlawful

The UFU has been made aware that the MFB has made unlawful deductions from numerous members’ wages for alleged overpayments relating to recent deployments this fire season.

Fire Commissioner vindicates UFU water testing

The Fire Services Commissioner has today changed the testing regime of the water quality in the Hazelwood mine as a direct result of the UFU independent analysis.