Safety alert- water contamination identified at Hazelwood

Following UFU members informing the UFU of a series serious safety breaches at the Hazelwood incident the UFU undertook to have its own independent testing of the water being used at Hazelwood in firefighting operations including the H.A.R.A or ash pit area.

Aerial pumper staffing at Hazelwood

Agreement was reached between the UFU and the CFA regarding the commissioning of the new aerial pumpers (snozzle) for use at Hazelwood incident.

Chief officer emergency roster discussions

The UFU has been approached by the CFA for high level discussions regarding the possible operation of the Chief Officer’s Emergency Roster in relation to the Yallourn-Hazelwood Incident.

Unions members meetings

Members are advised that the Unions will be holding joint membership meetings at the following times and locations to discuss the vote on the proposed EBA.

Corporate staff translation to level 5 anomaly

The UFU is seeking contact from members who translated from Level 5 under the old classification structure to Level 5 under the new Corporate and Technical Employees Agreement.

UFU members to rally

250 days out from the Victorian State election the UFU will be holding a rally of its members to launch our campaign sending a strong message against this Napthine Government – Napthine Slashes You Burn.

Yallourn- Hazelwood incident update

As members would be aware, the UFU previously disseminated a bulletin that outlined the fact that the UFU received concerns from members regarding their health and safety at the Yallourn-Hazelwood incident/fire.

Update on enterprise bargaining

The UFU and the MFB met today to further discuss/negotiate a new operational staff enterprise agreement in accordance with the agreed procedures.

Notification of ESTA bans withdrawn

Members are advised that today the UFU has written to ESTA and withdrawn notification of the protected industrial action currently in place.

Yallourn Hazelwood update

A number of members have, this morning, brought an urgent health and safety matter to the UFU’s attention regarding being placed in a position of danger at Yallourn/Hazelwood.