2013 Relay for Life

Members are advised that the event and message from the MFB Charity Running Club below is fully supported by the Union and members are encouraged to show your support for this important cause:

MFB Corporate and Technical EBA update

Members are advised that following and in accordance with yesterdays UFU meeting, today at a meeting at the Fair Work Commission, the bargaining representatives have settled bargaining. The parties are now working through processes to proceed to the formal vote and finalisation.

MFB Corporate and Technical EBA meeting

The negotiations have now reached a critical stage and the UFU will be holding a UFU Corporate and Technical Staff meeting next Wednesday 6 November for members to consider the current status of negotiations and determine a way forward.

Correction to Bulletin 248 re UFU meeting date

Members are advised that the Corporate and Technical Staff Meeting referred to in UFU Bulletin 248 is occurring next Wednesday 6 of November (not 1 November).

Napthine cuts trauma support for emergency workers

Hundreds of Emergency Service Workers today sent a powerful political message to Premier Denis Napthine that undermining the rights of injured workers in the course of our work is completely unacceptable.

ESTA reply documents filed with the FWC

Members are advised that today, in line with the process outlined by the Fair Work Commission, ESTA filed their reply documents to the position put by the Unions.

CFA facemask disinfectant safety concerns

Members are advised that the UFU has become aware of potential health and safety concerns regarding the use of CFA facemask disinfectant BIOGARD.

ESTA EBA documents filed with FWC

Members are advised that in accordance with the timetable outlined by the Fair Work Commission the Unions have today filed their joint proposed draft EBA with FWC and ESTA.