UFU members and career firefighters show support for the Salvos On Thursday 10 October, on World Homeless Day, approximately 40 off-duty UFU members (and two spouses!) as well as several on-duty crews attended the UFU…

Meeting of UFU members with health problems caused by recent fires

Tuesday 22 October 2019: 10.00AM – 2.00PM. The UFU is calling a meeting of members who have health problems that have been caused by their attendance at recent major fires, in particular, the West Footscray/Tottenham, Campbellfield, Bradbury and Coolaroo fires.

Firefighters fight fires not people

Members are informed that it has been a long held policy of the United Firefighters Union of Australia that firefighters will not be deployed or participate in removing protesters.

UFU returns to the world stage

On 4 October 2019, the UN Expert Committee passed a resolution in the form of a recommendation to the next Stockholm Convention for a global ban of PFHxS without exemptions.

UFU member support for Walking Off The War Within

Late last year, UFU member and CFA Leading Firefighter Shayne Egan undertook to run a marathon in each state and territory of Australia for the organisation. Donning a Walking Off The War Within t-shirt for each marathon, Shayne has continued the conversation to raise awareness about mental health, in particular PTSI, and the legacy left by late UFU member and CFA QFF Nathan Shanahan.